Let's Get Some Unique Experience

During your time at Beaver, you will not only have unforgettable experience, but also make some wonderful friends who has the similar interests. Together we will help you succeed.

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Let's Build Some Great Connections

We support international students to construct connections and community engagement so that they can hold the courage to find their uniqueness and potential to achieve self-actualization.

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We Are Here To Support You

We provide everything you need to thrive, including but not limited to clubs and volunteering information, fun activities as well as mental wellness programs. We want to support every step of your way to success.

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Guaranteed Success

What We focus

We understand that coming to a new country at such a young age can be lonely, lost and difficult to fit in for many international students. Therefore our goal is to provide a safe space for their transition to Canada. We aim to provide support in three aspects below:

We strives is to support students by providing useful information and activity in their academic path.
Daily Life
We aims to provide tips and guides for those who are new and unfamiliar with Canada's living condition.
Mental Wellness
We intents to construct the psychological resilience and provide a safe platform for support.

Our Amazing Teams

We are groups of change makers who develop creative ideas that make a positive impact on the student community in Canada.

People Behind Our Success

Our Leaders

We are willing to contribute to the development of international students in Canada and crave for making amazing possibilities into impactful realities.

Team Leader
Live in the moment.
Team Leader
The only way of winning is by winning yourself.
Team Leader
Life is what you make it.
Team Leader
Enjoy the joys and sorrows of every moment of life.
Team Leader
If you work hard, you can succeed.
Administrative Assistant
life is short, and it’s up to you to make it sweet.

Beaver Data for You

We provides information, solves problems, and escorts many international students' way to study abroad.



Curious about the experience at Beaver? These feedbacks will show you how valuable and unforgettable experience people have. Let's check it out!

I have joined Beaver since this August. I not only did a variety of activities and projects but also wrote blogs that interest me. I have to say that Holly and team leaders are so so so friendly!!! They gave us a lot of constructive opinions and arranged tasks reasonably. I feel so happy to join Beaver and academic team! I am looking forward to upcoming projects. Judy
Team Member
Beaver has been providing amazing opportunities that allow me to step outside of my comfort zone and expand my social circle. Cynthia Zhou
Team Leader
Beaver is one of the best organizations that I have joined. Everyone in the group was super friendly and supportive. I’ve made lots of friends at Beaver. It also has been providing me the opportunities to improve my collaboration and communication skills. Valuable memory to me! Olivia Ouyang
Team Leader
Beaver helped me grow tremendously as a team leader by teaching me many lessons that I wouldn't have gotten elsewhere. Everyone in the team is so passionate and responsible. With a great team like this, I was able to achieve my potentials and it also helped me understand the importance of commitment. Looking forward to another year! Bella Yang
Team Leader

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